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Each endeavour is a dream and to achieve one,we need a firm determination along with a hand to help us navigate our path.
This is for my fellow friends who wish to accomplish their dream of owning a restaurant or a catering team.
I am Robin, I have been in this field for 15 years.I shall be your friend, your guide,comrade and help you grow while you take your baby steps.
Feel free to call me at: 9852300009 and I shall be happy to help.
Thank you!

What I Do

Fine Dine Businesses

Robin owns and manages some of the best fine dine businesses across the city. Customer satisfaction and team management make him stand out of the crowd.

FoodTech Businesses

Robin understands the deadly combination of food and technology. Robin was the first guy in the city to begin his own FoodTech Business by allowing his customers to order food from his restaurant via an online portal.

Food Blogs

An enthusiast who is always willing to share his ideas with the society. Robin loves to write food blogs both for his portals and guest posts for other bloggers. He believes in giving back to the society.

Catering Businesses

Robin has been into the catering business for quite a years now. His company Bemisaal Caterers is renowned for time management and quality control when operating in huge volumes.

My Bio

15 Years of Experience

Robin Arora is one of the renowned faces of the Indian Food Industry. An entrepreneur by profession, Robin is a well known Food Business Consultant who has his own Restaurant by the name "Bemisaal".
Stepped into the food industry with the infamous Pappi Di Hatti located in the food loving city of Amritsar.
Although he is capable of dealing with any cuisine, but with the Aim to make Amritsari food and spices number one throughout the world, Robin is all set to woo the gourmets all around the world with his food.




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My Clients

  • OTP
  • Nutrition 99
  • Mad Eats

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I am interested in partnering and investing in a new or running business that is Genuine and lucrative.I am looking for any running company or business with good profitable income to invest in as a partner.
You can reach me with my email contact bellow if you you are capable and interested.

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